Nicole Eisenman, Maker's Muck, 2022 © Nicole Eisenman. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Thomas Barratt

Nicole Eisenman and Edith Hammar

My Eyes are Like Funnels, My Ass is a Hand

21.9 2024 – 19.1 2025


Opens in 58 days

Artists sift the world through their bodies, turning it into something graspable with their hands, giving it new form. The exhibition “My Eyes Are Like Funnels, My Ass Is a Hand” brings together work by artists Nicole Eisenman and Edith Hammar.

“My Eyes Are Like Funnels, My Ass Is a Hand” holds play, filth, intimacy and vulnerability, becoming an infinite surface for the imagination to run free. The exhibition mirrors the artists’ personal and critical ways of relating to body and creative work, while also offering a peek into the artistic process.

Nicole Eisenman’s (b. 1965, New York) sculptural installation “Maker’s Muck” (2022) is a new acquisition by Moderna Museet, portraying the act of creation. A white plaster figure, bent over a potter’s wheel, sits at the centre of the installation, lost in thought and stuck in apparently endless labour. The radio is on, a bomb is ticking. There are sculptures all around, in various stages of completion. With this work, Eisenman sketches out creative experimentation, a joyous but strenuous practice that requires both courage and perseverance.

Edith Hammar (b. 1992, Gothenburg/Helsinki) has been invited to create a site-specific work on walls and floor. The drawing “Hot and Slutty Giants” (2024) is an enchanting utopian vision where gigantic characters lose themselves in desire and pleasure. Hammar’s work explores non-normative existence within various environments and situations, transforming the hostility of these surroundings into erotic dreams, a world where one can belong.

Edith Hammar. Photo: Märta Thisner
Nicole Eisenman. Photo: © Brigitte Lacombe