Nils Dardel, Vattenfallet, 1921 © Nils Dardel

Films: Nils Dardel

29.8 2014


Films in connection with the exhibition Nils Dardel and the Modern Age

29 August 5.30 pm The Dying Dandy, a film about Nils Dardel. Introduction by the film director Anders Wahlgren. Moderna Bar after the screening. In the Auditorium. Admission free.

Every Sat and Sun at 10 am–6 pm throughout the exhibition period Thora Dardel berättar, a film by Teresa Wennberg. In the Cinema. Admission free.

“In 1919, just after the end of the first World War, 20 year old Thora Klinckowström left Sweden for Paris, the boiling capital of France, to study sculpture. She quickly discovered the bohemian circles at the bars in Montparnasse, where she was introduced by the Swedish painter Nils Dardel to all the artists of the time, young and old – unknown then, world famous today.

Much later I myself went to Paris – I am also a painter, I also lived in Montmartre like Thora and Nils, I went to the same art schools and hung out at the same restaurants and bars as they.

Thora and I were close friends in spite of our age difference and we saw each other frequently. She visited me in Paris and I saw her in Stockholm and we never got tired of talking about art and life in Paris and could sit until late at night comparing experiencies.

And that’s how the film came to be. When the interview was recorded Thora was almost 90 years old. and the video equipment which was available was rather hard to operate so sometimes there are little faults. But when she tells of her life with Nils Dardel and of the people she met during her years in Paris, we are captivated by her story about her fascinating youth.” Teresa Wennberg