Architecture of an Atom

Film screening and performance

31.10 2014


A discussion after the screening with the artist and John Peter Nilsson, director, Moderna Museet Malmö. A 10-minute performance work by Sari TM Kivinen, A Song for Toivo, will be presented before the screening.

av JULIACKS (62 min)


In the Cinema
Admission free, limited admission

Architecture of an Atom, is a feature film, a series of ‘infinite whistle’ performance films and a comic art book about a group of adult children that move into an abandoned pool in the French Alps. Theirs is a polyphonic love story whose structure is based upon the form of an atom.

Architecture of an Atom is a transmedia art narrative written, directed and executive produced by JULIACKS in co-production with the Moderna Museet, Néon, LA BOX, Atomic Center, Florian of the Grrrnd Zero collective, 360m3, ALT_CPH, the Crack and Helsinki comics festivals, and film producers Nattlek, Killer & SBK Filmmaking, and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom as well as many individuals, bands and communities without whom this film would not be possible.

JULIACKS is a transmedia artist, director, writer, producer, performer and event designer creating narrative universes using the mediums of filmmaking, multi-media performance installations, comics and theater in North America and Europe.

One half of the nucleus of the narrative universe, the 62 minute narrative fiction film, was shot in August 2013 in Lyon, France and the French Alps and in Dec 2012 in Winnipeg, Canada with clips from Sweden/Denmark/Italy/USA. Using video, 16 mm film, 8mm, & cell phone footage.

Edited by Jeanne Applegate, directors of photography include Jake Russell (France), Steven K. Johnson (Canada) Mikael Lindahl (Sweden/Denmark) Joshua Aylett (Sweden,) Philippe Zerr and Zhenqian Huang (France) Kevin Kuo & Juliacks (USA) Costume designers: Baptiste Odet (France), Florian Emma (France), Jeannine Han (USA) and Sarah Griffifths (CAN). Architecture of an Atom film actors: Anna Barie (USA), Vanessa Bonnet Delmond (France), Jean Louis Delorme (France), Raphael Defour (France), Zen Jefferson (USA), Kolbeinn Karlsson (Sweden), Sari TM Kivinen (Australia/Finland), Jane Rhyu (S.Korea/USA), Veronika Driedger (Canada), Charlene Van Buekenhout (Canada) from different disciplinary backgrounds (dance, performance art, music, comics, circus, theater). Director’s cameo from JULIACKS. Scored by Glasgow based musician, Ela Orleans (Poland). Additional music by The Family Underground (Denmark), MAG (Sweden) and others.

Languages: French, English, Finnish. Subtitled in English.

The Infinite Whistle Series is a filmed, performance-based contemporary opera by JULIACKS, which was performed on three occasions on 20 January, 2013 at Moderna Museet Malmö in connection with the opening of the exhibition Supersurrealism. Malmö locals were invited to participate in the performance together with the artist JULIACKS.

In connection with the first screening, A Song for Toivo, a 10-minute piece about migration and relocation, will be performed It will be sung by Sari TM Kivinen in the three languages spoken by Toivo, Finnish, Swedish and English.

A Song for Toivo by Sari TM Kivinen

A Song for Toivo is a short performance that tells the story of displacement, migration, and relocation. Presented as a song this story is spoken and sung in a combination of Toivo’s three languages; Finnish, Swedish and English. This performance simultaneously explores, through storytelling techniques, both personal and universal experiences of migration, movement and cultural identity.

Toivo is a man in his eighties living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. He is an Ingrian Finn who, as a child, became a refugee in Sweden. In 1952 he left Sweden to travel to Australia as a seaman. Sari T.M. Kivinen is a Finnish-Australian performance artist who is one eighth Swedish and one eighth Ingrian. She met Toivo in early 2014 whilst interviewing Finns living in Queensland, Australia.

Artist biography:
Sari TM Kivinen is a visual and performance artist currently based in both Helsinki and in Brisbane. Having attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the University of Western Sydney in 2004 and a Masters in Live Art and Performance Studies from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2011, Sari has presented her work extensively in Australia and internationally. Her work explores themes of migration, collective narrative and social roles. Throughout 2014 Sari has been developing an artistic research project about people of Finnish ancestry living in Queensland, Australia supported by the Kone Foundation.