Focus Öyvind Fahlström

Conversation about Kisses Sweeter than Wine

27.2 2015


Sören Brunes, Karl Lydén, Fredrik Liew and Jo Widoff in a talk about Öyvind Fahlström’s performance Kisses Sweeter than Wine, featured in the collection presentation 9 evenings: Theatre & Engineering, which is on until 1 March.

Date: 27 February 2015,
Time: At 18-20
Place: The Collection

Admission free
In Swedish

In spring 2015, Moderna Museet is launching a project focusing on Öyvind Fahlström. Over the next three years, we will study and present selected parts of his oeuvre. This will involve in-depth explorations of individual works, along with studies of groups of works or combinations of works.

Within the framework of this project, we invite you to in-depth readings and discussions of Fahlström’s performance Kisses Sweeter than Wine, which was his contribution to the performance programme 9 evenings Theatre & Engineering, held in New York in 1966. The artist describes it as follows:“New York, China, Indonesia, the bottom of the sea, outer space, the world of the future (as it appears in sci-fi movies) are interwoven in a triptych of slides, films and TV screens. There are no correct answers. Viewers draw their own conclusions, or don’t, as they choose. I see it as initiation rites for a new medium. Total Theatre.”

Programme, 27 February

6.00-8.00 pm Admission free. Image Machines, the first part of a series of presentations focusing on Öyvind Fahlström in the Moderna Museet collection and 9 evenings: Theatre & Engineering, will be open.

6.30 pm Jo Widoff on 9 evenings: Theatre & Engineering and Fredrik Liew on Moderna Museet’s focus on Öyvind Fahlström.

6.45 pm Kisses Sweeter than Wine: A talk with Sören Brunes and Karl Lydén Sören Brunes was the producer of the New York performance in 1966, and Karl Lydén wrote about Kisses Sweeter than Wine when reviewing a Fahlström exhibition at Mjellby konstmuseum in 2007.

Moderna Bar will be open after the talk until 11 pm. After 8.00 pm, exit via the back doors on the terrace.