A Larger World: Azadeh Fatehrad


16.9 2016


Azadeh Fatehrad (born 1981 in Tehran) is an artist and  reseacher in the Photography Program at the Royal College of Art in London. Her field of artistic research is Iran’s feminist history from 1909 to today, and hers studies are based on archival material in the form of photographs and moving images. Her project explores and investigates the ways in which the feminist movement has expanded among urban middle class women in Iran, her home country. After the revolution in 1979 everything changed and in her lecture at Moderna Museet, Azadeh Fatherad will describe how feminism has developed and she will show excerpts from her artistic work.

While researching her practice-based PhD, Fatehrad has made extensive use of archival photograph’s including those held at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt am Main; the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam and in the institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies in Iran. She has exhibited in London, Vancouver, New York and Teheran and she has lectured at numerous conferences and symposias around the world about her work.