Wolfgang Tillmans. Photo: Henry Linser

Wolfgang Tillmans


24.3 2011


Wolfgang Tillmans (b. 1968 in Germany) works in Berlin and London and is featured frequently in exhibitions around the world. Thursday, 24 March provides an opportunity to hear him talk about his work at Moderna Museet.

Wolfgang Tillmans made his breakthrough in the early 1990s, when he was acknowledged for his ostensibly straight-forward pictures with subject matter from his everyday life. His images clearly renegotiate photographic conventions and reflect contemporary cultural and identity-oriented tendencies. With his focus on portraits, landscapes and still-lifes with ordinary objects, he eloquently captured the Zeitgeist. Since then, Wolfgang Tillmans has pursued his penetrating explorations, pushing boundaries and redefining the photographic medium as an art form. In recent years, he has proceeded with a deeper study also of abstract photography.

Wolfgang Tillmans engages actively with the exhibition space when presenting his work. Each new exhibition involves a creative examination of the space, its potential and limitations, in harmony with the photographs. His installations often display an astounding variation in format and size, composition and context. Recently, he has used tables, glass cases and wall cabinets to display his images.