photo of person in shallow water washing their foot

Katalin Ladik, Tengerfestés I Painting the Sea, 1982 © Katalin Ladik

Katalin Ladik


9.11 2024 – 20.4 2025


Say the exhibition’s name aloud and step into the wondrous world of Katalin Ladik’s poetry. A pioneer of experimental sound art, photography, and performance art. In Central and Eastern Europe and beyond she has used her body and voice as both instrument and medium since the 1960s. “Ooooooooo-pus” is the first major exhibition of her work in Scandinavia.

Katalin Ladik was born in 1942 in Novi Sad (former Yugoslavia, now Serbia) and currently lives and works in Hungary. Her work is rooted in the multi-ethnic, multilingual and feminist avant-gardes of former Yugoslavia.

Ladik refers to her collages of sewing patterns, sheet music, magazine cutouts, and found objects such as circuit boards from radios and kitchen appliances, as “visual poems”. She uses these visual poems as music scores, interpreting them with her extraordinary voice and expanding her textual and visual vocabulary with phonetic experiments.

“Ooooooooo-pus” is an exhibition that can be heard as much as seen. A red thread running from Katalin Ladik’s sewing machine leads visitors through the exhibition, which brings together approximately one hundred works from the artist’s sixty-year career – from her revolutionary visual and sonic poems to her groundbreaking work in photo-performance and live performance. Each room in the exhibition has its own soundscape, anchored in the artist’s sonic poetry.