a small child among reindeers

Anna Riwkin, Elle Kari. Ur serien Elle Kari, 1949 © Anna Riwkin/Moderna Museet

Mini film festival

Dvorit Shargal on Anna Riwkin-Brick

25.10 2022


See the documentary films ”Elle Kari and What Happened to Noriko-san?” and ”The Fourth in the Trilogy”. The screenings are part of the Jewish Museum’s Mini film festival with the Israeli documentary filmmaker Dvorit Shargal’s films and Anna Riwkin-Brick’s classic photo series on children of the world.

What happened with the children in Swedish-Jewish photographer Anna Riwkin-Brick’s (1908-1970) popular photobook series from the 1950s and 60s? Documentary filmmaker Dvorit Shargal tries to find the answer to this question.

As part of the Jewish Museum’s Mini film Festival – three evenings of talks and film screenings on Dvorit Shargal’s films about Anna Riwkin-Brick’s book series on the children of the world – “Elle Kari and What Happened to Noriko-san?” and “The Fourth in the Trilogy” are screened in the Cinema on October 25.

The film screening begins with a short introduction by Dvorit Shargal.

two women and a child
Elsa, Elle Kari and Anna Riwkin, ca 1949 © Anna Riwkin/Moderna Museet

About Dvorit Shargal

Dvorit Shargal studied at the Beith-Zvi Film School at Tel-Aviv University. She is a journalist, editor, writer and film critic. Shargal has previously worked at Hadashot, Yedioth-Ahronot, Maariv and National Geographic. She wrote the blog Velvet Underground from 2006-2015, which in 2012 was awarded the media criticism prize Israel Media Watch. In 2009 Shargal participated in Doc-Challenge with the short film “Down Under Tel Aviv”. Since 2010, she has been developing independent documentary projects, including the trilogy “Where is Elle Kari and What Happened to Noriko-san?”, “Africa!”, “Where is Lilibet the Circus Child and What Happened in Honolulu?” and “The Fourth in the Trilogy”.