Group 2
No title. From the series Gymnastics

Carl Jacob Malmberg, No title. From the series Gymnastics, ca 1875


Keep track of the programme! Here you will find everything that happens at the museum during the evening. Programme by Time Frame.
Map of Moderna Museet during the Night of Philosophy
Map of Moderna Museet during the Night of Philosophy


Welcome Adress. David Cvach, Ambassador of France, and Daniel Birnbaum, Director, Moderna Museet.
(The Foyer, floor 4)


19.00–00.00 > Film by Henrik Håkansson. Birdconcert (2017).
(Mini Cinema)

19.00 > Technology, before and after humanity: from Kubrick to Blumenberg
(Jean-Claude Monod, The Cinema)

19.00> Kant’s Gemüt – sensing sensibility
(Anna Enström, Stage 11)

19.10> Frankensteins föreläsning. Är jag mindre mänsklig än du?
(Walter Frankenstein, Stage 2) *in Swedish

19.10 > The Ambiguous Role of Art in Aristotle’s Philosophy of Nature
(Charlotta Weigtl, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

19.15 > Konstfilosofi för barn
Filosofera med konsten i utställningen Marie-Louise Ekman. För barn från 7 år. Biljetter i infodisken.
Pedagog: Adam Wallenberg,
(Stage 1B) * in Swedish

19.20 > Radical empiricism
(Moritz Gansen, Stage 11)

19.30> Thinking with Things
(Peter Gärdenfors, Stage 4)

19.30 > Giordano Bruno’s Magical Concept of Nature and the Role of the Magician
(Jonna Bornemark, Stage 3)

19.30 > Enhancement: what are the normative resources of the human body ?
(Etienne Bimbenet, Stage 1A)

19.30 > Is it too late to save the Planet?
(Catherine Larrère , Eric Brandstedt and Marion Waller. Auditoriet)

19.30 > Adorno’s Concept of Second Nature
(Anders Bartonek, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

19.40> Artificial Intelligence for Justice
(Céline Spector, The Cinema)


20.00 > Zoon Logon Echon. A living body having speech
(Martin Benson, Stage 11)

20.10> The passivity of being human
(Angelica Stathopoulos, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

20.15 > Konstfilosofi för barn
Filosofera med konsten i utställningen Marie-Louise Ekman. För barn från 7 år. Biljetter i infodisken.
Pedagog: Adam Wallenberg,
(Scen 1B) * in Swedish

20.20 > Nature and technology in critical vitalism
(Frédéric Worms, Stage 4)

20.20 > Conversations between Body, Tree, and Camera in the work of Eija-Liisa Ahtila
(Katarina MacLeod, Stage 3)

20.20 > Over-exposition ? About ‘augmented reality’ in the museum
(Benoît de l’Estoile, The Cinema)

20.20 > Nedskrivandet av det sinnliga hos Merleau-Ponty och Proust
(Lovisa Anden, Scen 11) * in Swedish

20.30 > What Kind of Creature is ADHD? Personalities and Pathologies in the Neuropsychiatric Era
(Fredrik Svenaeus, Stage 2)

20.30 > The Uncommon Sense of the Common
(Ramona Rat, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

20.40 > Remaking human nature. The spectre of human enhancement
(Dr Karim Jebari, Stage 1A)

20.40 > “A Cosmos of Similarity” – Walter Benjamin’s Theory of Mimesis
(Johan Härnsten, Stage 11)

20.50> Negation as Biological Resistance
(Michele Masucci, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)


21.00> Immaterials and Art
(Sven-Olov Wallenstein and Daniel Birnbaum, Stage 4)

21.00> The Robot as a Mask
(Denis Vidal, Stage 3)

21 .00> Is Human Enhancement progress?
(Elif Özmen, Etienne Bimbenet, Fredrik Svenaeus, Frédéric Worms, The Auditorium)

21 .00> Why do we need an art of sounds?
(Francis Wolff, The Cinema)

21.10 > Techniques of the Between, Or, The Art of Nature
(Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Stage 2)

21.20 > Philip K. Dick. Pink Laser beams, blade running and post-apocalyptic envy
(Johan Sehlberg & Anna-Karin Selberg, Stage 11)

21.20 > Contemporary Science as the Knowledge of Artificial Reality
(Lucie Fabry, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

21.30 > From Icarus to Robocop. can technology be natural?
(Thierry Hoquet, Stage 1A)

21.40 > AI47 – Artistic Intelligence 2047
(Björn Wurmbach, Stage 4)

21.40 > Enhancing human beings. Anthropological fictions and ethical risks
(Elif Özmen, Stage 3)

21.40 > Montage as transubstantiation in Godard. Jean-Luc Godard on Cinema and Thinking
(Trond Lundemo, The Cinema)

21.50 > The recessed surface. Thinking nature through architecture
(Helena Mattson, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

21.50 > The Concept of Nature – On and from OEI # 75–76
(Jonas (J) Magnusson, Cecilia Grönberg and Johan Redin, Stage 2)


22.00> Fire, Water, Etc. Nature in recent Steyerl and Akomfrah
(Jakob Nilsson, The Cinema)

22.10 > Between Natural and Artificial Languages. International Auxiliary Languages at the beginning of the 20th century
(Sophie Roux, Stage 1A)

22.10> Strange times at the Sea-side
(Pierre Cassou-Nogues, Stage 11)

22.10 > The Return of the New; Modern Architecture, Nature and Decay
(Thordis Arrhenius, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

22.20 > Libido versus Mortido – the Freudian Culture versus Nature in the Age of Intelligent Machines
(Alexander Bard, Stage 4)

22.30 >  Prosthesis, metaphor and the obsolete body
(Hedda Viå & Mani Shutzberg, Stage 2)

22.30 > Landing on a Cloud. Constructing circus out of thin air
(Olle Strandberg, The Auditorium)

22.30> Julie’s garden in La Nouvelle Héloïse. an art of the natural
(Catherine Larrère, Stage 3)

22.40 > Sjungande satelliter och talande fåglar
(Jakob Lien, The Cinema) * in Swedish

22.50 > Objects of Feminism
(Josefine Wikström & Cara Tolmie, Stage 1A)

22.50 > On nature and artifice in human behaviour. a Carribean perspective
(Alenka Ambroz, Stage 11)

22.50 > Can Natural Artefacts Exist?
(Marion Waller, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)


23.00 > Explaining Conventions. a case study on the little black dress
(Denis Bonnay, Stage 4)

23.00> Som is bryter / As Ice Diffracts
(Imri Sandström, The Cinema) * in Swedish and English

23.10 > Rites of life/rights of the dead?
(Cecilia Sjöholm, Stage 2)

23.20 > Natural artifice. Hegel’s speculative identity of opposites
(Rikard Johannson, Stage 3)

23.20 > Default Character (film). Politics of crowd simulations
(Anna Ådahl, The Cinema)

23.30 > Provincializing Ecology. the many natures of the climate regime
(Pierre Charbonnier, Stage 11)

23.30 > How can human beings adapt to anything through artefacts?
(Jean-Loup Bonnamy, Pontus Hultén Study Gallery)

23.40 > The Violation of Reason. Hegel and the Dialectic of Matter
(David Payne, Stage 3)

23.40 > Film by Henrik Håkansson. The End (2017).
(The Cinema)


00.00 > Zombies on the Rise
(Herman Geijer & Pierre Cassou-Nogues, The Restaurant)


Party in the Restaurant and Moderna Bar. DJ:s Ectoplasm Girls (Nadyne Byrne & Tanya Byrne) and That Fat Boy Can Dance (Staffan Lundgren).

01.00 > Performance in Moderna Bar with music by Pour Nous and visuals by Kliin.

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