Moderna Museet in Stockholm

Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Night of Philosophy

Second nature

17.6 2017


On Saturday, 17 June, when the night is at its brightest, we invite you to a night of philosophy. Over 50 Swedish, French and German philosophers, thinkers and artists fill the museum. Explore conversations and art on the theme of nature, artificiality, and a second nature. Join the party in the bar after midnight. You are warmly welcome stay up talking all through the summer night with us!

Are we all turning into cyborgs?

The night between the 17th and 18th June, Moderna Museet metamorphoses when it is taken over by 50 Swedish, French and German philosophers, thinkers and artists. In presentations and talks, mostly in a 20-minute format, these guests will scrutinise nature and artifice from every angle. Are we all turning into cyborgs? Are we animals, humans or machines? How do we relate ethically to other living creatures? All these are urgent contemporary issues.

Discuss surrounded by art

Henrik Håkansson, a Swedish artist with a long international career, has always explored nature and technology. The evening invites him to show new works. In the recently-opened Marie Louise Ekman exhibition, children can also join the discussions, together with our art philosopher.

Party in the Restaurant until 03

At midnight, A Night of Philosophy moves into Moderna Museet’s restaurant and bar where the party takes place with the restaurant’s panoramic view as a backdrop. Performance in Moderna Bar with music by Pour Nous and visuals by Kliin. DJ:s Ectoplasm Girls (Nadine Byrne & Tanya Byrne) and That Fat Boy Can Dance (Staffan Lundgren).

Contact: Karin Malmquist, Curator learning

Program group: Erik Bryngelsson, Mathieu Potte Bonneville, Arpad Sölter, Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Marion Waller, Frédéric Worms.

Project group: Camilla Carlberg, Laurent Clavel, Astrid Grelz, Karin Malmquist, Lara Szabo-Greisman, Thomas Vassort.

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