John Willgren, Die Fahne hoch framförd som vals, 2013 Video 3:50 min © John Willgren. Photo: Jennifer Sameland

Opening day The Moderna Exhibition 2018

Performance programme and lecture

20.10 2018


The first day of the Moderna Exhibition will feature performances, talks, presentations and a lecture. Welcome to an opening day packed with activities!


At 11.45–12.30 Performance by John Willgren. On Svensksundsvägen, Skeppsholmen

A musician plays a slow waltz on an accordion. The people passing by seem to hardly notice him. What they don’t suspect is that the melody is an old German march that is banned in Germany. The young man with the accordion is the artist John Willgren himself. He has rearranged the melody from march to waltz.

At 12–12.30 ”Flyktinglandet” by Fatima Moallim. Performance in the exhibition.

The project ”Flyktinglandet” as a performance is based on the stories told by the artist’s parents’ generation of their flight from Mogadishu in the 1990s. Moallim draws with a whiteboard pen directly on the wall. The act occurs during a ritual silence, like a soundless prayer.

Included in the entrance fee. No booking required.

At 13–13.30 ”The Passion Flower” by Ingela Ihrman. Performance in the exhibition.

The performance stages the budding, blooming pollination and the wilting of a blue passion flower (Passiflora caerulea). ”The Passion Flower” is part of the work ”The Inner Ocean” that is included in the exhibition.

Included in the entrance fee. No Booking required.

At 14–15.30 Introduction to the exhibition by Joa Ljungberg and Santiago Mostyn in the Auditorium.

The exhibition’s curators give an introduction to the exhibition and afterwards speak to the artists Britta Marakatt-Labba, Eric Magassa, Sara Jordenö and Ingela Ihrman.

Language: Swedish and English. Free admission, no booking required, 300 seats.

At 16–17 ”From Biopolitics to Necropolitics”. Lecture by Marina Gržinić in the Auditorium.

In her lecture Marina Gržinić, philosopher, theoretician and artist from Ljubljana, focuses on the relation between biopolitics and necropolitics in contemporary capitalism. She exposes different forms of racism and talks about how racialization is used in neoliberal global capitalism. She also scrutinizes the role of the economy and how politics is deconstructed within these processes.

Language: English. Free admission, no booking required, 300 seats.


Fatima Moallim, Flyktinglandet. Behärskning av tre känslor [Containment of three emotions], 2018 Performance, Marabouparken 2018 © Flyktinglandet. Photo: Elin Magnusson
John Willgren, Die Fahne hoch framförd som vals, 2013 Video 3:50 min © John Willgren. Photo: Jennifer Sameland