The Seventh Seal. Photo: Athena Azevedo

The Seventh Seal

A new opera by Brazilian composer João MacDowell

28.8 2018 – 1.9 2018


Welcome to the world premiere of the opera ”The Seventh Seal”. The new opera is written by composer João MacDowell with text from Ingmar Bergman’s film of the same name. The concerts will be conducted by João MacDowell and directed by Bengt Gomér.

Experience the new opera based on Ingmar Bergman’s film. The Seventh Seal, considered a classic of world cinema, follows the story of a disillusioned crusader’s return to his plague-ravaged homeland and subsequent chess match with Death.

The International Brazilian Opera Company and the Swedish-Brazilian Cultural Association presents the world concert premiere of ”The Seventh Seal” during the Bergman festival.


Ingmar Bergman


João MacDowell


Bengt Gomér


João MacDowell

Assistant Conductor

Eric Westankog

Procession Leader

Beata Furstenberg

Costume Coordinator

Ulrika Wedin

Wigs and Make Up

Bartira Fortes


Athena Azevedo, Clarice Goulart


Paulina Pfeiffer, David Wijkman, Linnea Andreassen, Michael Axelsson, Johana Martell, Maria Demérus, Bjorn Larson


Niina Uggeldahl, Eva-Tea Lundberg, Neto Oliveira, Natalia Goldmann, Erik Ring