Site Series (Inside Outside). Photo: Margo Moritz. 2015.

Site Series (Inside Outside)


25.9 2016


Margaret Jenkins was in Stockholm as early as 1967 when she re staged Merce Cunninghams work for the Cullberg Ballet. Now she returns, this time with her own dance company, formed in 1973. Eight dancers will perform the company’s most recent work Site Series (Inside Outside).

The performance starts with a prologue outside the museum after which the main event takes place in Objects and Bodies at Rest and in Motion an exhibition with strong links to Margaret Jenkins artistic philosophy that has its origins among the radical developments that took place in all the arts in the New York of the 1960’s, a context that both Margaret Jenkins and the artists in the exhibition were part of.

Site Series (Inside Outside) considers and is propelled by the nomadic nature of being a performing artist, a metaphor for all of life’s journeys, and consists of distinct modular units presented in intimate, unconventional settings. The set includes a remote-controlled lamp, a big easy chair and two hard-back chairs, a suitcase, and portable sound and lighting equipment. We carry everything with us – what we know, what we have accumulated through our experiences, our questions, our faith – to each new environment. As we gather our necessities and move on, each new surrounding becomes our home, but for an impermanent amount of time. Eventually we pack up and leave and move onto the next place or country.

Dancers:  Brendan Barthel, Kristen Bell, Corey Brady, Alex Carrington, Margaret Cromwell, Kelly Del Rosario, Chin-Chin Hsu, Ryan T. Smith.