The Main Stage (Stora Scenen)

Tova Mozard, The Main Stage (Stora Scenen), 2012 Still from video © Tova Mozard / Bildupphovsrätt 2017

Stora Scenen/The Main Stage

Screening of Tova Mozard’s video work

21.4 2017


Meet the artist, her mother, grandmother and a therapist, in the video work “Stora Scenen”(The Main Stage). In the limelight on the main stage of the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, but to an empty auditorium, we witness a conversation about memories, dreams and loss. Entirely unscripted. Welcome to two screenings of Tova Mozard’s ”Stora Scenen”!

An autobiographical and personal family drama

In Stora Scenen (2012) Tova Mozard places herself, her mother, her maternal grandmother and a therapist in the limelight on the main stage of the Royal Dramatic Theatre. We meet women from three generations, in makeup and costume. Without a script, in an empty, dark theatre, they share their conversation, which deals with memories, dreams and loss. Although the content is deeply personal, we still recognise with the intricate roles that exist in any family; how we support each other one minute, only to hurt each other the next.

Documentary meets enactment in Mozard’s practice

Mozard’s works are often autobiographically based and can be inscribed into a documentary tradition. Her photographs and films often feature authentic encounters between real people, against a confusing backdrop of fiction and enactments.

Part of our focus on photography

Tova Mozard is one of the featured artists in Golden Sunset, an exhibition of contemporary Swedish photography. Golden Sunset is part of the Before and Behind the Lens project.