Quarto, THISENTANGLEMENT, 2017 © Quarto


A performance by and with QUARTO

29.9 2017 – 1.10 2017


Meet two nude bodies captured in a 1000-metre-long black rope in this live performance with the performance-duo QUARTO.

Watch video documentation of the performance: QUARTO THISENTANGLEMENT

The rope connects and divides

The rope becomes a lasso, a whip, a snake, and then a huge knot, a multidimensional pattern, an accidental spatial ornament, a labyrinth, a sprawling mass entwining, hiding, revealing, becoming the bodies that it connects and divides.

Gaps are revealed

In the process, gaps in-between conventional binaries of gender (male/female) and substance (presence/absence) are revealed and inhabited. The blackness of the rope in the obscurity of the space in contrast to the skin of the naked bodies is invoking a ritual, which seems to imbue a utilitarian object with movement energy, awakening its own inner life.

THISENTANGLEMENT is an independent continuation of QUARTO’s performances Knot Body, Beauty of Accident and Durational Rope, which was shown at Moderna Museet in April 2014.


The performance-duo QUARTO consists of Anna af Sillén de Mesquita and Leandro Zappala. They are developing bodies of work that are emerging in a series of long-term interdisciplinary research. Since 2003 they have created 3 series in 3 parts: WIP, BEAUTY och ROPE. THISENTANGLEMENT is the second part in the current ROPE.

The second part of the performance series ROPE

Each part in the ROPE series deals with the 1000-metre-long rope in distinct ways. Beauty of Accident, the first part of the series, explored the rope’s flux and continuous movement; it unfolded into a durational piece (Durational Rope) and video piece (ROPE#1). In the second part, Knot body, the stage performance deals with the rope as a knot/mass/body and has also unfolded into a video piece (ROPE#2) leading us to the current piece THISENTANGLEMENT. The third and final part of the ROPE series will as in the previous parts unfold into a performance, durational and video piece 2018–2020 and the whole series will be presented together.

The artistry is characterized by Brazil and Sweden

Anna af Sillén de Mesquita and Leandro Zappala live and work between two different cultures, the Brazilian and the Swedish. The life between two distinct continents characterizes their work and provides constant challenges. Their work has been shown internationally at museums, in different venues and galleries throughout the world, for instance in Amsterdam, Moscow, Berlin, Beirut, Düsseldorf, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Copenhagen, Oslo, Porto, Krems and Belgrade.

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Quarto, THISENTANGLEMENT, 2017 © Quarto
Quarto, THISENTANGLEMENT, 2017 © Quarto