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Anna Lundh, lecture performance, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, 2017

Towards Disorder / Visions of the Now

Performance with Anna Lundh in conjunction with Mud Muses

15.11 2019


On two exclusive occasions, artist Anna Lundh presents a lecture-performance: a dialog between the past and the present that touch upon subjects such as visual synthesis, hamburgers, auditory illusion, clouds, phantom words, virtual social ecologies, FM frequencies, fingertips, feelings, and waffles. Among other things. The lecture-performance is part of “Mud Muses” and has been created especially for the exhibition.

What lies in the ”and” of art and technology?

A multitude of voices are needed to make visible the ways in which technology is affecting our living conditions and values, as well as to be able to suggest new narratives and visions. The lecture-performance ”Towards Disorder/Visions of the Now” is based on Anna Lundh’s project ”Visions of the Now”, a festival and congress that took place in 2013 at Fylkingen in Stockholm. This festival was also a reiteration of the 1966 festival ”Visioner av Nuet” (”Visions of the Present”), which aimed to treat the impact of technology on humanity, society, environment, and artistic practice.

Almost a half-century later, Lundh’s updated version brought together a large group of international artists, musicians, theorists, and scientists, to investigate this issue anew, in lectures, panel discussions, art installations and performances. What lies in the ”and” of art and technology today? And what happens when past visions about the future are superimposed onto the present?

Anna Lundh discusses the history behind Experiments in Art and Technology

Anna Lundh’s lecture-performances in ”Mud Muses” are produced as part of her artistic research project which, among other things, treats the history behind the influential organization Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), of which Robert Rauschenberg was one of the founders.

The performances will touch upon subjects such as visual synthesis, hamburgers, auditory illusion, clouds, phantom words, disorientation, data, devices, immaterial materials, voice simulation, alternative artificial intelligence, synthetic faces, mediation, satellite communication, cybertypes, birds, neuroplasticity, magnetic storms, bodies of the now, virtual social ecologies, FM frequencies, fingertips, feelings and waffles.

Investigating our relationship to technology

Anna Lundh is a Ph.D. candidate at Konstfack and The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where she is working  on a larger investigation into our relationship to technology, through reactivation and reworkings of historical phenomena and visions.

Lundh’s project “Visions of the Now” has also resulted in an extensive publication (Sternberg Press, 2017), which documents and expands the subjects which were activated through this artistic experiment.

Contact: Karin Malmquist, curator