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I was dreaming  (first version)

Le Corbusier, I was dreaming (first version), 1953 © Le Corbusier / Bildupphovsrätt 2013

Moment – Le Corbusier

19.1 2013 – 18.4 2013


Le Corbusier (born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret in 1887) is often referred to as the most important architect in history. His influence on building design and urban planning worldwide can hardly be overestimated. Despite his legacy, a Le Corbusier exhibition of this magnitude is long overdue in Northern Europe. Moment – Le Corbusier’s Secret Laboratory presents a unique opportunity to discover the many dimensions of his oeuvre – including rarely shown sculptures and paintings – and provides new perspectives from which to appreciate his work.


Le Corbusier
Two bottles and an egg-cup, 1939
© Le Corbusier/BUS 2012
Le Corbusier
The Sea, 1964
© Le Corbusier/BUS 2012

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