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Magnetiskt minne, 1968

Ulla Wiggen, Magnetiskt minne, 1968 © Ulla Wiggen/BUS 2013

Moment – Ulla Wiggen

13.4 2013 – 25.8 2013


Ulla Wiggen (b. 1942) is an artist with a fastidious and highly idiosyncratic output. During 1964-1969, she made only some 30 paintings, most of which represent the interior of various electronic devices. Some are straight-forward depictions, revealing existing connections, others are her own combinations of components from different sources.


Ulla Wiggen
Kretsfamilj, 1964
© Ulla Wiggen/BUS 2013
Ulla Wiggen
Förstärkare, 1964
© Ulla Wiggen/BUS 2013

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