Magnetiskt minne, 1968

Ulla Wiggen, Magnetiskt minne, 1968 © Ulla Wiggen/BUS 2013

Moment – Ulla Wiggen

13.4 2013 – 25.8 2013


Ulla Wiggen, born 1942, is an artist with a fastidious and highly idiosyncratic output. During 1964–1969, she made only some 30 paintings, most of which represent the interior of various electronic devices. Some are straight-forward depictions, revealing existing connections, others are her own combinations of components from different sources.

The paintings have titles like Remote Control Unit, Magnetic Memory, and Electronic Resistance. They can be seen as pictures under the skin of a looming digital world, as portraits or painterly experiments on the boundary between concrete realism and abstraction. The few works from these years that do not depict the innards of technical equipment open up further dimensions and emphasise that he technological motifs should not be regarded as a separate imagery but fit into a larger context. Moment – Ulla Wiggen features selected works from the artist’s production during that period.

Curator: Fredrik Liew


Ulla Wiggen
Kretsfamilj, 1964
© Ulla Wiggen/BUS 2013
Ulla Wiggen
Förstärkare, 1964
© Ulla Wiggen/BUS 2013
Painting by Ulla Wiggen.
Ulla Wiggen, Simultantolkning, 1965 © Ulla Wiggen/BUS 2013
Painting by Ulla Wiggen.
Ulla Wiggen, The Red TV, 1967. Acrylic paint on masonite, 89 × 116 cm Bildupphovsrätt 2021

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