Salad in bowl on table.

Photo: Stefan Andersson

The Restaurant’s lunch menu

Enjoy the finest seasonal products with Stockholm’s best view! The Restaurant serves various foods, lighter sandwiches and delicious homemade pastries. The restaurant offers a dining experience for everyone, with sustainability in focus.

During the summer, meat and fish dishes are served every day along with a vegetarian dish and a vegan summer salad.

Summer menu

Get a 10% discount on your meal. Show your sticker/entrance ticket to the museum at the checkout

Tuesday 11.30–18.30
Wednesday–Sunday 11.30–16.00

On Tuesdays, a reduced menu is served from 16–18.30. Contact the restaurant for more information


Bread and butter, mineral water, and salad is included

Matjes herring (F, MP)
with potatoes, brown butter, roasted almond, pickled onion and Västerbotten cheese cream
175 kr

Creamy shrimps on rye bread (shellfish, eggs, M, G)
205 kr

Moderna Museet salmon salad (F, egg)
with smoked salmon, marinated fresh potatoes, tomatoes, creamy egg, capers, cucumber and olives
235 kr

Vegan summer salad
with marinated artichoke, olives, cucumber, tomato, butter bean cream, dill and mint
185 kr

Whipped Feta cheese (MP, G)
with carrot, sooted beans and spicy chickpeas, cucumber, baked toamto, mint, oregano, croutons and olives
195 kr

Spicy baked saithe (F, egg, S, MP, SU)
with smoked mayonnaise, fresh potatoes, roasted broccoli, butter tossed radish and dill
225 kr

Sooted chicken thigh fillet (MP, egg, M, SU)
with roasted fresh potatoes and carrot, red wine sauce, baked tomato, fresh onion and lovage mayonnaise
215 kr

Spicy tenderloin (MP, SU)
with sooted beans, roasted fresh potatoes, red wine sauce, gremolata and butter bean cream
215 kr


Strawberries (MP, G)
with ricotta- and lemon cake with whipped cream
47 kr

For the kids

Vegetarian pasta bolognese (G, SB, SU)
85 SEK
Pancakes with jam & whipped cream (G, MP, egg)
85 SEK

Malin Söderström in the kitchen tastes soup.
Malin Söderström. Photo: Thron Ullberg

Published 8 March 2016 · Updated 2 July 2024