Salad in bowl on table.

Photo: Stefan Andersson

The Restaurant’s lunch menu

Enjoy the finest seasonal products with Stockholm’s best view! The Restaurant serves various salads, sandwiches and delicious homemade pastries. The restaurant offers a dining experience for everyone, with sustainability in focus.

Lunch menu

Tuesday 11.00–18.30
Wednesday–Friday 11.00–14.30
Saturday–Sunday 11.00–15.30

Bread and butter, mineral water, and salad is included.

Coffee after the meal on weekdays: 15 SEK

Menu week 23

Tuesday 6 June–Wednesday 7 June

Minced meat patties (L, MP, G, egg, M, Le)
with herb mayonnaise, red wine sauce and beans
165 SEK
Baked potato (egg, M, Le)
with curry and creamy cauliflower and apple
145 SEK

Thursday 8 June–Friday 9 June

Breaded chicken (G, egg, M)
with charred salad, Dijonnaise and roasted carrot
165 SEK
Charred zucchini (M, egg, almond)
white beans, smoked mayonnaise, baked tomato and roasted almonds
145 SEK

Saturday 10 June–Sunday 11 June

Glazed pork knuckle (L, MP)
with potato puree, summer cabbage and pickled turnip
165 SEK
Charred white asparagus (Le, L, MP, almondl)
with butter sauce, rhubarb and string beans
145 SEK

Always on the menu

Fish of the week

Moules (molluscs, egg, M, L, MP)
with crispy potatoes, espilette mayonnaise and lovage
195 SEK

Soup of the week (Vegan)

Broccoli, parsley and spinach soup with Planti and croutons
125 SEK


From 85 SEK

For the kids

Pasta Bolognese (G, L, MP)
85 SEK
Pancakes with jam & whipped cream (G, L, MP, egg)
85 SEK

Malin Söderström in the kitchen tastes soup.
Malin Söderström. Photo: Thron Ullberg

Published 8 March 2016 · Updated 5 June 2023