Group 2

The Restaurant at Moderna Museet in Stockholm

The Restaurant’s lunch menu

Enjoy the best seasonal products with Stockholm’s best view! The Restaurant serve a fresh lunch buffet and there are always salads, soup, sandwiches and delicious homemade cookies.

Opening hours

The Restaurant opens at 11 Tuesday–Friday and close when the museum close. The museums opening hours.

The daily dish

Includes a generous salad buffet
120 sek
15 sek

Tuesday in December

Swedish over night baked pork belly with Christmas spices, brussel sprouts, pickled small onions, raisins and roasted king Edward potato.
Vegetarian: Chickpea casserole with cardamom, raisin, tomato and saffron rice.
145 sek

Wednesday 12 December

Breaded filet of saithe with, dill creme and baked potato (L)

Thursday 13 December

Baked chicken with green curry sauce and basmati rice

Friday 14 December

South French fish and seafood casserole with fennel, saffron, tomato and aioli

Vegan dish of the week

Italian chickpea casserole with tomato, roasted pepper, basil and lemon creme

Soup of the day

Red cabbage and beetroot soup with red wine vinegar, black pepper and smetana
95 sek

Soup of the day with salad buffet
120 sek

For the children

Pasta bolognese
55 sek

Child serving from the buffet
55 sek

Published 8 March 2016 · Updated 10 December 2018