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Salad in bowl on table.

Photo: Stefan Andersson

The Restaurant’s lunch menu

Enjoy the finest seasonal products with Stockholm’s best view! The Restaurant serves various salads, sandwiches and delicious homemade cookies. The restaurant offers a dining experience for everyone, with sustainability in focus.

Summer Menu

The summer menu is served at 11.00–16.00 on 29 June–15 August.

Whole and half dishes

Swedish tomatoes, marinated beetroot, pickled shallots, garden cress and Västerbotten cheese. (mp)
95 SEK/ 145 SEK

Toast ”Skagen”, shrimps in mayonnaise, trout roe, lemon and dill. (shellfish, L, mp, gl, egg, mustard)
145 SEK/ 185 SEK

Matjes herring from Norröna, eggs, onion, sour cream and brown butter. (fish, L, mp)
135 SEK/ 175 SEK

Blackened sirloin tartare, tarragon cream, roasted almond, celeriac and horseradish. (L, mp, celery)
145 SEK/ 195 SEK

Cold poached trout, dill mayonnaise, pickled cucumber and spinach salad. (fish, egg, mustard)
205 SEK

Caesar salad with string beans, fresh potatoes and Parmesan. (mp, fish, egg, mustard)
185 SEK
Caesar salad with string beans, fresh potatoes and Parmesan with Swedish veal roast beef. (mp, fish, egg, mustard)
235 SEK

For the children

Pasta bolognese. (gl)
75 SEK
Pancakes with various toppings. (gl)
75 SEK
Child serving from the menu.
75 SEK


(m) contains mustard
(mp) contains milk protein
(gl) contains gluten
(L) contains laktose
(egg) contains egg
(soy) contains soy
(Le) contains legumes
(nuts) contains nuts

(V) vegan

Contact the Restaurant if you have questions regarding allergies at: or 08-520 236 64

Malin Söderström in the kitchen tastes soup.
Malin Söderström. Photo: Thron Ullberg
Drawing of fish in black and white.

Published 8 March 2016 · Updated 26 July 2021