hands knitting

Knitting café, 2024 Photo: A. Giertz/Moderna Museet

Knitting café

Knitting in our café!

7.3 2024


As a prelude to our upcoming exhibition with Monica Sjöö, we invite you to a knitting cafe together with Mothers Rebellion. In Sjöö’s collectivist and climate activist spirit, we are part of a large and unique national craft initiative across Sweden.

With joint efforts, a giant red scarf is created to be wrapped around Riksdagshuset in Stockholm on Sweden’s Overshoot Day. The day we pass net zero and start living as if we had more than one globe.

How does it happen?

Knit/crochet a 15 cm wide and 1.5 m long scarf in shades of red. The scarves are collected all over Sweden and then joined into a giant scarf. More info at instagram: @rebellmammornasverige

Bring your own yarn and knitting needles/crochet hook.

P.S. You can contribute right away by spending some time knitting on the red scarf that’s already started in the café! It’s a collective knitting effort!