Still from the film Farrucas ©Ian de la Rosa

Short films with BUFF

Being young in this world

16.3 2023


In collaboration with BUFF Film Festival, Moderna Museet present three strong short films about being young in the world. Come by the museum after school and make yourself comfortable in the Workshop, which for the evening has been transformed into a cinema.
three young people walking gon street
Still from the film Hot Rod ©Juliette Gilot
Still from the film Dance my Doll ©Jasmijn Kooijman

The films


Hadoum, Fátima, Sheima, and Sokayana are four teenagers from El Puche, a suburb in the Spanish city of Almería, who are proud of their Moroccan and Spanish roots. Together they navigate their first experiences in out-of-the neighborhood schools, that evidence their underprivileged environment.

Dansa min Docka (Dance my Doll)

Worreid asylum seekers, angry activists, and obedient case workers in an equally wonderful as sharp stop-motion film about people who are all caught in the bureaucratic claws of the Swedish migration agency.

Hot Rod

Summer 2031, 104°. Sadie, 16, is oriented in mechanical school although the car industry is in crisis and there are only a few electric cars in circulation. Her friends, Charly and Titi, throw a joke to cheer her up: what if the car of the future was a horse?