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Ana Valdés, 2023 Photo: David Gemlin

The conditions of exile and finding a home in Sweden 

Lecture with Ana Valdés

7.9 2023


Just like Lotte Laserstein, Ana Valdés ended up as a refugee in Sweden. Laserstein fled World War II Germany. Valdés fled the dictatorship in Uruguay after spending several years in prison there at a very young age.

Their destinies are similar to each other’s. In Sweden, they found a new home, a new language and created a new existence. But living in exile also has great challenges. Landing in a new place and finding home also requires sacrifices.

About the author

Ana Valdés, born in 1953 in Montevideo in Uruguay, is a Swedish writer and translator.
In 2008, she published the novel Er tid skal komma Ordfront Förlag and has later published Yousefs Bok, Tolken and Den Grymma Kokboken at Vita Ludens publishing house.

Valdés writes for magazines such as Konkret and ETC and has translated Agneta Pleijel and Susanne Osten into Spanish.