The Art of Hiding Your Face…

Museum Museum: performance

15.11 2016


Is it possible to escape digital recognition with makeup? The art of hiding your face from the surveillance society’s algorithms is a workshop and performance with Sonia Sagan, about how to not be automatically identified through surveillance cameras and on the Internet.

“If you have the snapchat app installed or upload pictures on facebook, your friends, family and yourself get recognized automatically by facial recognition algorithms. Your features are being stored. Your features will be sold. Your future may become totalitarian. Creepy huh?

Every year, the number of permits for public surveillance increases still, tecchnologies refined, and soon enough facial biometrics will replace credit cards and identification. Who knows, maybe facial features will be tracked to arrest a family of “illegal” refugees, in a future not-so-far-away? Or maybe, given the chance you won’t dare protect them from fear of being tracked and caught?

We have nothing left to hide but out facial features. We will teach you how to hide them in plain sight. With the museum as our training grounds, we will give you the tools to rediscover your privacy – in the comfort of your own skin, you will be left out of sight.

Leave your poker face at home, let the games begin.


Contact: Kristoffer Svenberg, Art Educator