Filmstill from "Black and Blue"

Rashid Johnson, Black and Blue, 2021 Filmstill © Rashid Johnson

Artist talk: Rashid Johnson

Seven Rooms and a Garden

29.9 2023


Meet American artist and filmmaker Rashid Johnson, in conversation with Moderna Museet curator Hendrik Folkerts. Johnson’s films, paintings, and sculptures are intimate meditations on being, from personal, political, and spiritual perspectives. In the exhibition “Seven Rooms and a Garden”, which opens to the public after the event, Johnson’s work is juxtaposed with key works from Moderna Museet’s collection.

Welcome to an artist talk with artist Rashid Johnson and curator Hendrik Folkerts. In the conversation, Johnson speaks about his relationship to abstraction and its potential as a political practice or a personal appeal. For example, in his “Bruise” and “God” painting series, his use of certain abstract marks and symbols evoke a spiritual and psychological journey.

Johnson’s monumental installation “Home” was created especially for the exhibition, like many other works in the presentation. The work is an abstract self-portrait that uses shea butter sculptures, books and plants to give shape to black intellectual and cultural histories.

In the exhibition “Seven Rooms and a Garden” the abstract gesture also manifests through subtle interventions such as rearranging Moderna Museet’s architecture and introducing images, sounds, and scenographies that reformulate our experience of art and the museum.

The ticket includes a preview of the exhibition after the artist talk.