Ernest Cole, Police and Passes

Ernest Cole, Police and Passes. From the series House of Bondage, 1960-66 © Ernest Cole Family Trust

A Larger World

A series of lectures

31.3 2014 – 8.3 2015


In the Lecture series A Larger World we are inviting international curators and artists for a series of lectures where they will share their perspectives and experiences of working with art on all the continents.

We are living in times when art museums need to reconsider their activities, what they show and what they collect. Today, there is no longer one dominating centre for art in the way that Paris and New York once were; instead, differences between languages and traditions are bridged. The map is being redrawn, and Moderna Museet must keep up with all the artists who are perpetually on the move, between languages and continents, from one centre to the next.

Contact: Camilla Carlberg, curator

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