Okwui Enwezor, 2014

Okwui Enwezor, 2014. Photo: Max Geuter

Okwui Enwezor


Intense Proximity:Contemporary Art between the near & the far

In the Auditorium, admission free

In English

Okwui Enwezor is born 1963 in Calabar, Nigeria. Director of Haus der Kunst, Munich and Artistic Director of Visual Arts of 56th Venice Biennale, 2015. He is founder and an editor of Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art. He lives and works in Munich and New York.

Okwui Enwezor has curated exhibitions in many different countries, at the major biennials and at the most prominent art museums. He was the artistic director of Dokumenta 11 in 2002, where he was the first non-European to be appointed to that position. He is on the jury of some of the most prestigious international art awards and is a member of numerous boards and curator teams. In his work, Okwui Enwezor has consistently promoted globalisation in relation to local roots. His field of interest comprises African, Asian, European, North and South American 20th and 21st century art and contemporary art from the African continent and contemporary artists from the African diaspora. He studies and writes about the diaspora and migration, post-colonial modernism, and architecture and urbanism in post-colonial cities on the African continent.

In his lecture at Moderna Museet Okwui Enwezor will talk about his approach to curating, how A Larger World is constantly present in his work, and how institutions can incorporate more global thinking in their work with exhibitions and collections.

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