Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

February break: Concrete Matters

27.2 2018 – 3.3 2018


All children from 4 and upwards are welcome to the Workshop for activities during the school break. We start with a tour of the exhibition Concrete Matters (in Swedish), followed by a Workshop session. Welcome!

Our February events start with a guided family tour of the exhibition Concrete Matters. Afterwards, we make collages and use basic geometric shapes in the Workshop. Many of the shapes around us consist of geometric shapes such as the circle, the square and the triangle. This is why they are called basic shapes. Look around, and you’ll see them everywhere. The artists in the exhibition Concrete Matters have used these shapes in exciting ways.

During the holiday event we also have a drop-in wokshop where you can paint and draw. You can drop in without going on the guided tour, and we use simpler techniques and materials, such as paint and crayons. There are no themes – it’s an open painting and drawing workshop.