Group 2
Sculpture Coupe de nuage (Cloud Bowl)

Jean Arp , Coupe de nuage (Cloud Bowl), 1960 Installation view Moderna Museet 2017, photo: Åsa Lundén / Moderna Museet © Jean (Hans) Arp / Bildupphovsrätt 2018

Meditate at the Museum

4.2 – 3.6 2018


Meditate in a unique art environment! Come to Modern Museet for a one-hour guided meditation among the art in our galleries or in a separated room. Booking required. Borrow a meditation pillow and experience the art with all your senses.

Meditation in a secluded room followed by individual visits to the collection

Welcome to three meditation events, with a basic introduction to the concepts Time – the door to clarity (19 April), Space – the door to openness (20 April), and Sensitivity – the door to letting go (21 April).

The meditation takes place in a secluded room, equipped for this occasion with cushions and mats. After an hour of guided meditation, participants are encouraged to visit the Museum collection by themselves, to look at the works of art and reflect on the concepts of time, space and sensitivity that were focused in the meditation. As a participant, you will be introduced to reflection, silence, seated and walking meditation.

Art and meditation

The meditation is led by Vajradarshini, or Rachel Fuller as she is called in English. Meditation is a way to open up your awareness – and art can be another way. Rachel Fuller addresses some aspects that are shared by art and meditation, which we can then explore on our own in the Museum collection after the meditation.

Dharma meets art is part of the LABO Stockholm dance festival organised by the Cullberg Ballet.

One hour of guided meditation

In collaboration with the Shambhala Stockholm meditation centre, we offer one hour of guided meditation with a meditation instructor, who is trained in the Shamatha tradition of sitting, waking meditation.

Only participants in the meditation session will be admitted before the Museum’s opening hours.