Rashid Johnson, Black and Blue, 2021 Filmstill © Rashid Johnson

Ordinary Black Radicality


20.10 2023


Hear Dr. Marquis Bey in a conversation on the radicality of the ordinary. Dr. Bey highlights issues raised in the exhibition “Seven Rooms and a Garden”, and adresses the quotidian, everyday practices of refusal and cultivation of life stolen from coloniality, white supremacy and heteropatriarchy. Moderna Museet’s curator Hendrik Folkerts moderates the conversation.

Welcome to a conversation with Dr. Marquis Bey in the exhibition ”Seven Rooms and a Garden: Rashid Johnson and The Moderna Museet Collection”. In the conversation, Dr Bey offer thoughts on how the black radical tradition — or a radical notion of blackness — is woven through the ordinary. This, in supplementation to more spectacular acts of radical work, like protests, demonstrations and riots.

Moderator of the conversation is Hendrik Folkerts, Curator of International Contemporary Art and Head of Exhibitions. He is also the curator of “Seven Rooms and a Garden”.

Dr. Marquis Bey

Dr. Marquis Bey is Professor of Black Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies, with appointments in English and Critical Theory, at Northwestern University in Evanston, USA.

Their research focuses on trans and non-binary studies, black feminist theory, abolition, and black radical thought.

They are the author, most recently, of “Black Trans Feminism and Cistem Failure: Essays on Blackness and Cisgender” (2022).

Portrait of Dr. Marquis Bey, white background
Dr. Marquis Bey Photo: Sean Black