The Studio 2011

Hans Rosenström in the Studio

Stockholm 10 February – 20 March 2011

The Studio at Moderna Museet presents a new installation by Hans Rosenström. Reception on February 10 at 6–8 pm in the Studio. Seaside entrance only. Pay bar, admission free.

At 6.30 pm a conversation between Camilla Carlberg, curator at Moderna Museet, and Hans Rosenström will take place.

Hans Rosenström, Mikado, Trondheim 2010

Hans Rosenström, Mikado, Trondheim 2010

This work, Du utan jag, is a text-based audio installation intended to be experienced individually, by one visitor at a time. The installation is part of a series of works on the complex relationship between personal identity and the surrounding room. How does the space in which we dwell affect our identity, and how is the way we perceive a room influenced by who we are? Hans Rosenström scrutinises the relationship between ourselves and others, and explores the psychological meaning of solitude and isolation.

Hans Rosenström was born in Lohja, Finland, in 1978. He studied at the Nordic Art School in Kokkola in 1999-2001, the Malmö Art Academy in 2003-2004, and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2001-2007. He is currently based in Stockholm and Helsinki. Hans Rosenström has rapidly grown to be an important contributor to art exhibitions and theatre festivals throughout Europe. His first installation in the series to which this work belongs – Mikado – was included in the exhibition Tänk på döden (Think About Death) in Stockholm in 2009, and was shown in an emptied room in the Government Offices. Mikado was further developed in 2010, in the Street View exhibition in Gothenburg, where Hans Rosenström created a site-specific audio installation in a closed-down confectionery shop, which he called Tillsammans (Together).

Hans Rosenström says: I want to build a suggestive situation in which the onlooker encounters or experiences him or herself. In order to stand a chance of achieving that, it is vital that the onlooker does not share the room with anyone and becomes the object of other people’s gazes.

Lately, Hans Rosenström has had solo exhibitions at Galleri Sinne, Helisinki (2010), Kluuvi Gallery Helsinki City Art Museum (2009) and FAFA Gallery in Helsinki. He has participated in several group exhibitions, a few of them are Baltic Circle, International Theatrefestival, Helsinki, BASTARD, International Theatre festival, Trondheim, Presences, Real Presence 10, Zvono Gallery, Belgrade, Streeet View, MAP – Mobile Art Production, Avenyn, Gothenburg, all of them in 2010.

Born in Lohja 1978
Lives and works in Helsinki and Stockholm

2001- 2007 MfA – The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2003-2004 Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
1999-2001 The Nordic Art school, Kokkola
1998-1999 Västra nylands folkhögskola, Karis

Solo Exhibitions:

2010 Flyktpunkt, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Mikado, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki City Art Museum, Finland
2007 I could have told you that, FAFA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland Collaboration with Juha Laatikainen.

Selected group exhibitions:
Baltic Circle, International Theatrefestival, Helsinki, Finland
BASTARD, International Theatrefestival, Trondheim, Norway Presences, Real Presence 10, Zvono Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
Streeet View, MAP – Mobile Art Production, Avenyn, Gothenburg, Sweden

Mikado, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki New Pleasure, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen, Norway
Tänk på döden, Mobile Art Production, Culture Festival in Stockholm, Sweden
Urban Story, Gallery Kalhama & Piippo Contemporary, Helsinki, Finland

Jotain muuta odotellessa, URB 08, Museum of Contempoary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
Urban pedestals, Public Art Project in Helsinki. Finland Mare Balticum. Thomas Mann Culture Festival, Nida, Lithuania

Consequences and Proposal, The Biennale of Young Artists, Tallinn. Estonia
Midbaugur og Kringla, Leisure, Administration and Control, Reykjavik, Iceland
The 25 Best Artists in Finland, The Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä, Finland

Make your own shadow, Holden gallery, Manchester. England Collaboration on Site, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki. Finland
Kuvataideakatemian kevätnäyttely, The Fine Art Academy Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
Hard Revolution, NORD culture festival, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany

Lost in Translation, 9th Istanbul biennale, Istanbul, Turkey
Real Precense, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrad, Serbia
Speak Up! gallery Myymälä 2, Helsinki, Finland

Pimeä, contemporary art festival, Kallio, Helsinki, Finland
Spring exhibition, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden

Recycling the Future, Vivere Venezia II, 50th Venice biennale, Italy
Nuorten Näyttely, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

IASPIS, International Artist Studio Program in Sweden, Stockholm

Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Centre d’Art I Natura, Farrera, Spain

Work in Collection:
Amos Andersson Art Museum

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