Why are we not in Paradise?

14.3 2009 – 5.4 2009


Since 2006, the poets Ann Jäderlund and Magnus William-Olsson have been meeting regularly with the artists Mikael Lundberg and Agnes Monus to discuss the boundary between art and literature. Why are we not in Paradise? Why is life, and the world in general, more often described in infernal terms of evil, greed and treachery?

Whether man by nature is good or evil is one of the eternal questions of humanity. It is an overwhelming question to which the four poets and artists have no answer. It is the thought of, and the road towards, truth that holds the answer.

Therefore, the very process that has led up to the presentation is more than usually urgent. Their collaboration is presented in the form of a cross-disciplinary event in the Moderna Museet passage outside the collection, in which objects, images, text, readings and discussions will interrelate. Naturally, the encounter between word and image will be a starting-point. How does one approach, and how do we perceive, thoughts and feelings about our deepest existential conditions, depending on medium of expression? Does it matter what form is used?

In addition to the transcendental character of the project, I am captivated by its sincerity. In a time of bold showiness and transient chatter, this is something that appeals to me strongly. These are images and words of no return. They are there to be taken seriously. Whether we like it or not.


Sun 14 March, 3 pm
Opening and presentation by John Peter Nilsson, curator at Moderna Museet. Poetry reading by Ann Jäderlund and Magnus William-Olsson.

Sun 22 March, 3 pm
Lecture: Marcia Cavalcante-Schuback, Before birth, after death – or life as a sketch. Followed by a discussion with Ann Jäderlund, Agnes Monus, Magnus William-Olsson and Mikael Lundberg.

Sun 29 March, 3 pm
Introductory presentation by Ann Jäderlund. Poetry reading by Helga Krook and Gunnar Wærness.

Sun 5 April, 3 pm
Introductory presentation by Magnus William-Olsson. Poetry reading by Ann Hallström and Lennart Sjögren.


John Peter Nilsson, Curator Program
Jo Widoff, Assistant Curator

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