Artwork Car Hood by Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago, Car Hood, 1964. Photo: Prallan Allsten/Moderna Museet © Judy Chicago/ Bildupphovsrätt 2016

Outgoing loans and long-term loans

Moderna Museet’s collection is owned by the Swedish people and consists of over 100,000 works of art. Some works are displayed in the museum, others rest in magazines and some are on loan for longer and shorter periods. Moderna Museet manages many loan requests every year from galleries, museums etc. Government bodies, museums and other cultural institutions may request to borrow objects from the Moderna Museet collection for a longer period.

Outgoing Loans to Exhibitions

We lend works of art to temporary exhibitions for shorter periods of time. Decisions are based upon Moderna Museet’s Outgoing Loans Policy, where priority is given to:

  • Major monographic exhibitions
  • Exhibitions devoted to a particular theme that will open up new perspectives or generate new knowledge in the field of art history.
  • Exhibitions introducing artists or periods to a new audience.
  • Collecting institutions that are potential lenders to Moderna Museet’s future exhibitions.
  • Moderna Museet does not lend art to commercial galleries or organisers who operate as art dealers.

Loan request

A loan request is addressed to the Director of Moderna Museet, Gitte Ørskou and Loan Coordinator and sent only by email to The request should be send digitally at least 9 months prior to the exhibition opening (7 months for loans within Sweden). The loan request shall include:

  • Exact dates and title of the exhibition
  • Description of the exhibition concept
  • Purpose of the loan
  • A list of the requested works of art, including Moderna Museet’s inventory numbers if possible
  • A completed and signed Standard Facilities Report & Security Supplement. Moderna Museet uses the UKRG (United Kingdom Registrars’ Group) Standard Facilities Report (pdf) & Security Supplement (pdf).

Fees for outgoing loans

International borrowers
3500 SEK/work
800 SEK for transport administration fee

National borrowers
2000 SEK/work
800 SEK for transport administration fee

Long-Term Loans from the Collection

Moderna Museet makes the art in its collection available to a wider public all over Sweden by lending works to government agencies, Swedish embassies, county residences, museums, law courts and arts institutions.

A long-term loan request should be made in writing to the Long-Term Loans Registrar. The museum currently has some 1 400 works on long-term loan to some 170 locations in Sweden and abroad.

What are the requirements for long-term loans?

  • To protect the art, we agree on where the work is to be installed. Art must be placed away from windows that open, in spaces with the least possible variation in temperature, protected from direct sunlight, away from ventilation, heating and cold or hot air currents. Works must also be placed at a safe distance from plants, doors, windows, conference tables, sofas, chairs and electric appliances. Always consult the long-term loan registrar before moving a work of art.
  • The premises must have security alarms.
  • The works of art must not be wiped or cleaned, and no notes or labels may be attached to them.
  • The long-term loan registrar must be notified of any damage or suspected change to the work.
  • Theft must be reported immediately to the long-term loan registrar and to the police.
  • Moderna Museet reserves the right to collect a work of art temporarily for exhibitions, research or conservation. When possible, Moderna Museet may offer a replacement.
  • An inventory of works of art shall take place annually. Government agencies must register the works lent to them in the Art Database.
  •  The borrower is responsible for the work of art, and pays for transport (to and from Moderna Museet) packaging and installation in accordance with Moderna Museet’s specifications.
  • Moderna Museet is responsible for conservation prior to long-term loans. Any costs for conservation incurred due to negligence during the loan period shall be paid by the borrower. Normal conservation measures required due to natural ageing are carried out by Moderna Museet at no cost to the borrower.

Fees for long-term loans

Annual fees 2021 (not charged to museums)

SEK 650/work for painting, drawing, photography and sculpture

SEK 250/work for graphics

NEW! Increase in annual fees from 2022 (does not apply to museums)

SEK 800/work for painting, drawing, photography and sculpture

SEK 400/work for graphics

NEW! Changed set-up cost for new long-term loans

SEK 1,000/work of art

Published 26 November 2020 · Updated 16 February 2023