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Porte-bouteilles (The Bottle Rack)

Marcel Duchamp, Porte-bouteilles (The Bottle Rack), 1914/1963/1976 © Succession Marcel Duchamp/ Bildupphovsrätt 2018

On research at Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet’s assignment includes conducting research, promoting understanding and interest in the field of modern and contemporary art, and the scholarly processing of the Museum’s collection. This includes making our extensive collection accessible, preparing background material for future exhibitions, and enhancing day-to-day activities. Below you will find information about ongoing and previous research projects as well as who to contact if you want to refer to the archive, the collection or other museum resources in your research.

In recent years, the Museum has pursued a variety of research projects, all of which are listed here. A fundamental condition for previous and current research projects is that they are based on the Museum’s exhibitions, history and collection, and that they utilise the Museum’s skills in curating, conservation, technology and learning activities. A few different structures have been tested for research-related projects, and several collaborations with universities and other academic institutions have been undertaken. The results are shared through internal and external seminars, major symposiums, articles in national and international publications, monographs and anthologies, exhibitions and catalogues.

Moderna Museet’s research team reports to the Exhibition & Collection Department, which also includes the archives and library. A research leader is in charge of these activities, which are pursued by both internal and external scholars. The Museum’s research projects are partially funded by external sources.

The Science Council of Moderna Museet was founded in the fall 2013 and consists of the following participants: Professor Astrid Söderberg Widding, Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University, Professor Hans Ruin at the Department for Culture and Learning, Södertörn University, Professor Jeff Werner at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University and Professor Jan von Bonsdorff at the Department of Art History, Uppsala University.

Published 22 May 2015 · Updated 1 October 2018