photo of standing woman in red

Bella Rune, 2023 Photo: Rickard L. Eriksson

Bella Rune – Spills, lint and tangles

About textile materials, methods and history as artistic material

9.11 2023


“With my own artistry as a filter and Moki Cherry’s work as a compass, in the lecture I follow the path of textiles in contemporary art and reflect on the archeology of the perishable.” (Bella Rune)

In this lecture, Bella Rune takes her starting point in textile materials, methods and history as artistic material. Bella Rune works with sculpture, including performative elements and experiments with different materials and techniques. Her practice is based on an interest in craftsmanship, history and contemporary culture. Closeness to classic textile traditions, such as weaving, recur throughout her work. Until 2021, Rune was professor of textiles at Konstfack.