photo of woman weaving

Marcia Harvey Isaksson, 2024 Photo: Ylva Sundgren

Weaving in public space

Lecture with Marcia Harvey Isaksson

25.5 2024


In this lecture, the artist and curator Marcia Harvey Isaksson talks about her practice and her use of weaving as a tool to investigate our common cultural heritage. Through the lecture, we deepen our ongoing project with focus on textile craftsmanship and tradition.

Marcia Harvey Isaksson often invites the audience to interact with her looms, a gesture that often leads to deeper conversations about memory, tacit knowledge, the personal and the societal. Her main focus is our common cultural heritage. She uses textile techniques as a means of navigating her investigations. She is interested in site-specific narratives and often works with a mix of media, from sculpture to performance.

The lecture is part of our program during SSDD (South Sweden Design Days) and a development of the collaboration with MalmöVÄV. We take Monica Sjöö’s collectivist, feminist and separatist spirit as our starting point – something that can be found in today’s textile art scene. In her lecture, Marcia Harvey Isaksson provides a theoretical in-depth study. A lecture both for the textile expert but also for those who are just curious about the textile form of expression.

About Marcia Harvey Isaksson

Marcia Harvey Isaksson (b. 1975) is a Zimbabwean-born artist, curator and writer, based in Stockholm since 1999. Her education includes Kawashima Textile School, Kyoto and Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm. She holds board positions in the Stockholm Association of Architects and the Friends of Handicrafts. She has exhibited at a number of galleries and museums in Sweden and internationally. Most recently, she participated in the group exhibition “In:Tangible”, Form and Design Center, Malmö.

Marcia is also the founder and curator of Fiberspace, a Stockholm-based gallery. As well as involved in the Afro-Nordic platform for art: Southnord.