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My musical, Still from film, 2022 Courtesy Olha Marusyn/soma.majsternia

Film: “My-musical” with presentation by Olha Marusyn

Film screening and presentation by artist

22.6 2023


“My-musical” is an Ukrainian musical that was produced in the fall of 2022. Olha Marusyn, artist and part of the musical, presents the film, which consists of musical greetings created in the constant ongoing uncertainty in Ukraine, and depicts an exchange of dreams, memories and cooking.

“My-musical (We-musical)” is a participatory art action created by internally-displaced persons (IDPs) residing at a shelter in Lviv, Ukraine together with members of the cultural community. The shelter is organized by and located at soma.majsternia, a volunteer initiative and independent DIY-space dedicated to performance. In “My-musical”, the IDPs and artists exchange dreams and memories, make wishes, and cook in the midst of constant uncertainty. The action is documented in a film, which takes the form of a concert of greetings: a series of empathetic messages across contexts, generations, and experiences.

This will be the first time that “My-musical” is presented in Sweden, following a series of sharings in Europe and Asia. At Moderna Museet Malmö, a screening of the film will be accompanied by remarks delivered by Olha Marusyn, a Lviv-based choreographer, educator, co-founder of soma.majsternia, and participant in the “My-musical”. Marusyn has presented her solo and collaborative work in exhibitions and festivals in Ukraine and internationally, including in Germany, Poland, Austria, and Japan. She is currently in residence at Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) in Skåne.

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y musical, Still from film, 2022 Courtesy Olha Marusyn/soma.majsternia

More about “My-musical”

“My-musical” and Marusyn’s residency at MARC are realized as part of Kindling, a project that is co-organised by MARC and Baltic Art Center in collaboration with Sorry No Rooms Available and soma.majsternia. The project is coordinated by Alex Fisher and supported by the Swedish Institute.

Participants of “My-musical”: Tomi Hazslinszky, Myro Klochko, Katya Libkind, Ira Loskot, Larion Lozovyi, Olha Marusyn, Oleksiy Min’ko, Olena Mordyk, Oleksandr Pylypenko, Volodymyr Pylyprenko, Dymetrii Starkgard-Venier, Dmytro Tkalenko, Tamara Tkalenko, Tonya Zelenina, and the Pušča band.