photo of smiling woman standing in front of big paintings

Ida Persson, 2022 Photo: Johanna Holmström

For real and pretend!

Create with an artist

14.1 2023


Meet the artist Ida Persson in a workshop. Together with Ida, we get to try different techniques to create a work, from sketch to finished painting. How does Ida create a painting? What does the work behind the finished work look like? Where does she get her inspiration from? These are some of the questions that Ida gives answers to in this workshop.

In her works, Ida Persson paints large invented buildings and machines that she builds up with simple geometric shapes. The constructions in the works can both seem kind and safe, but also large and terrifying.

Ida Persson is educated at the Academy of Arts in Umeå (2014). She has exhibited in Sweden and abroad, has made a public representation in Hagastaden in Stockholm and is represented in the collections of Moderna Museet, Ystad Art Museum and Uppsala Art Museum, among others.

Painting in red, grey, black
Installation view with the painting Anticipator by Ida Persson, 2022 Photo: Helene Toresdotter Bildupphovsrätt 2022