Exterior of Moderna Museet Malmö with woman standing next to sculpture

Photo: Linnea Svensson Arbab/Moderna Museet

Gallery Weekend at Moderna Museet

Experience Malmö´s Art scene

23.9 – 25.9 2022


Malmö Gallery Weekend is an annual art festival that gives you the chance to discover Malmö’s rich art scene – from art institutions to galleries and temporary initiatives. We participate of course and Friday 23  September we also extend our opening hours, until 23.00.

At Moderna Museet Malmö you can explore a total of three exhibitions. Conditioned Movement, with works from the museum’s collection, Per Wizén – Undercurrents and Tilpo – Best Wishes from Us.

During Friday evening you are also invited to a unique performance in the Turbine Hall led by the artist Isabel Lewis.

On Saturday, there will be a guided tour of Conditioned Movement, and in the Workshop on Sunday you can take part in the Family Workshop on the theme “Dream Worlds”.

In our café, Moderna caféet, you can enjoy something sweet, salty or refreshing and on Friday evenings they are also open until 23.00, just like the museum.

Warm welcome!