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Ana María Bermeo, 2024 Photo: Private

Meditation on Slow Art Day

Experience the art of Monica sjöö

13.4 2024


In the exhibition “Monica Sjöö – The Great Cosmic Mother” we invite you to participate in a meditation session, embracing a calmer pace and allowing yourself to be present in the moment. The meditation is led by Ana María Bermeo, meditation teacher.

Through simple meditation exercises and with the help of Monica Sjöö’s visual world, we will immerse ourselves in a moment of silence and reflection, freed from demands and performance.

In a world where life is often experienced as a fast journey through time, it is rare to stop and find moments of stillness and reflection. By allowing yourself to slow down and immerse yourself in your sensory experiences, you have the opportunity to get in touch with your inner world.

No prior knowledge is needed – here you are given the opportunity to experience calm, reflection and inspiring art on a whole new level.

Slow Art Day, which is April 13 each year, has given rise to the “slow art” movement – a movement that encourages people to take time to look at works of art and to look at them in a new way.

About Ana María Bermeo

Ana María Bermeo is an artist, museologist and certified meditation teacher with over 20 years of experience in the art world. Ana María believes in the transformative power of meditation and that a better world is possible if we only listen to the silence and connect our hearts through contemplation.

Presence, compassion, contemplation and social justice drive both Ana María’s personal meditation and the practice she shares as a meditation teacher.

painting with humans and animals and landscape with two snakes and figures in front
Monica Sjöö, The Goddess at Avebury and Silbury, 1978 © The Estate of Monica Sjöö. Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet
painting with big creature on top and animals and humans dancing and holding hands at the bottom
Monica Sjöö, The Creation Sheela Na Gig, 1978 © The Estate of Monica Sjöö. Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet

Monica Sjöö’s art is part of the alternative spirituality that emerged during the 1970s. A spirituality in opposition to patriarchy, traditions, and religion as an institution.

Many of her paintings refer to Avebury and other British ancient cult sites and areas that Monica Sjöö made pilgrimages to and was influenced by.