Opening Unhealed, 2024

Vernissage: Unhealed

Join us for the opening!

1.3 2024


Welcome to the opening of the international group exhibition “Unhealed” displayed in the Turbine Hall and on the Loading Dock. Saif Waleed (santur) and Ghazwan Numan (viola) from the Mazguf Ensemble will perform in the museum’s new Kafé Sisko.

At 18.00 there will be an opening speech by Gitte Ørskou, Museum Director Moderna Museet and Elisabeth Millqvist, Museum Director Moderna Museet Malmö.

Curators of the exhibition, Abir Boukhari and Joa Ljungberg present the exhibition in the presence of the artists Muhammad Ali, Héla Ammar, Selim Ben Cheikh, Shady Elnoshokaty, Safaa Erruas, Khaled Hafez, Adrian Paci and Mouna Jemal Siala.

A warm welcome!