Still from video with light lines and forms.

Christine Ödlund, videostills Plant-Man-Electro, 26:15 min loop, 2018-2019. Tesla sphere image and sound: Christine Ödlund, Kirlian photography & sound: Valdemar Asp

Sensing Nature from Within: Listen to the Trees and Talk with the Flowers

Seminar, talk and after work

27.2 2020 – 27.2 2020


The project Sensing Nature from Within is part international art exhibition featuring 12 artists and artist groups, part extensive programme of lectures, talks, and performances.

This third seminar is looking into questions such as:  How we can develop more empathetic relationships with other species? And is it possible, that eventually we could overcome language barriers between human and plant? The growing recognition of non-human intelligence and emotion, opens up new possibilities. The seminar will begin with two presentations, followed by a moderated discussion between seminar participants and the audience. If you like to continue the discussions after the seminar, our cafe is open for happy hour!

Christine Ödlund: This program event takes as its point of departure the artistic practice of Christine Ödlund, participating in Sensing Nature from within with the installation “Electroacoustic aspects of human and plant”.  Ödlund has for a long time been interested in non-human intelligence and language barriers between humans and plants. Her art is the result of interesting cross-fertilizations between science, metaphysics and electroacoustic music. In the cracks between different systems of ideas and knowledge, Ödlund finds material that can inspire us to rethink our own role within nature.

EvaMarie Lindahl: Visual artist and PhD student in artistic research and critical animal studies at the Centre for Human Animal Studies at Edge Hill University, UK. Her research driven art projects are situated in the intersection of Critical Animal Studies, the visual arts and activism. Through her projects, Lindahl is recurrently questioning the writing of art history from an anthropocentric and patriarchal position by correcting, re-writing and imagining new (art) histories. At the seminar she will talk about artists’ responsibility towards other animals and anthropomorphism as an opportunity for shifting power and artistic method.

Moderator: Diego Galafassi. Artist and Sustainability Researcher at Lund University. Galafassi explores the role of imagination and creativity in transforming our societies towards sustainability. He is also involved in the research project Art4SDG which examines the role of art-based methods for reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Curator: Joa Ljungberg