Still from video with youngsters gathering under grove.

The Otolith Group, O Horizon, 2018 © Courtesy of The Otolith Group and LUX, London

Sensing Nature from Within: Inner transformation for a sustainable world

Seminar, talk and happy hour

6.3 2020


The project Sensing Nature from Within is part international art exhibition featuring 12 artists and artist groups, part extensive programme of lectures, talks, and performances.

This fourth and final seminar will focus on how we can move towards a more sustainable way of thinking and living. The growing realisation of man’s destructive impact on the living earth has generated a search for a new ethic. The seminar begins with three lectures followed by a moderated discussion between seminar participants and the audience. If you like to continue the discussions, our cafe is open for happy hour after the seminar.

Helena Granström: Writer, poet and journalist with a background in theoretical physics and mathematics. Explores modern society’s understanding of the human/nature relation and the impact of recent technology on human life.

Christine Wamsler: Professor of Sustainability Studies at Lund University. In charge of the research project The Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program, which focuses on inner transformation towards sustainability.

Diego Galafassi: Artist and Sustainability Researcher at Lund University. Examines the role of imagination and creativity in transforming our societies towards sustainability. Co-author of the art project BREATHE.

Moderator: Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson. Project manager and communicator at Sustainability Forum at Lund University.

Curator: Joa Ljungberg