© Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Utopian summer workshop

Festival on five locations in Malmö

6.7 2018 – 5.8 2018


In July and August, the city of Malmö will organize the summer festival, “Big Five Festival” – a giant party for children and young people, which will pop up and stay for three days in five different locations in Malmö. Moderna Museet Malmö will participate with a utopian workshop where we will explore visions. What does your dream version of Malmö look like? Do we have the same dreams? Let’s experiment together!

What would Malmö be like if you could decide? What would your neighborhood look like? In our Utopian workshop we will experiment with color and shape. You can choose to make sculptures where you can depict what parks, schools, playgrounds, and everything you can think of would look like if your imagination could decide! You can also choose to make a fanzine. In it you can draw your dreams and sketch your fantasies about the future and everything you would like to see around you. We can also make a collective fanzine that travels to the other Big Five locations. In that way, we would be able to share our dreams with other citizens of Malmö.