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JULIACKS: Architecture of an Atom: The Infinite Whistle Series

MALMÖ. 20 JANUARY AT 6, 7 & 8 PM.

Architecture of an Atom: The Infinite Whistle Series
A performative cinematic contemporary art opera by JULIACKS

Entering a fictional realm, one confronts the limits of control as a viewer and participant in the subjective and inaccurate social experiment that is the Infinite Whistle series. You – an adult child, move into an abandoned pool. You – a stateless person, may be given a real, important document and will only be allowed inside for one act out of three. There will be tasks, open mouths, wide eyes. You will have the choice of participating in creating a score for the performance. There will be dissonance and harmony. There might be pleasure.

There is a moment in a story that everyone knows but cannot be expressed. This negative space. Within this moment is a complex blend of feeling and thought: recognition, rejection, a pressure at the back of your head, your eye, the pounding of your leg against the seat – the leave-taking of your mind into its ether region. There is the momentary unification with another person through their ideas, imagination, and body, be they one or many.

In the night

the light comes from under the surface

the water warm from the day

the air above

don’t worry

lurking in the edges

we swim

passing the wakeful time

screeches unheard

silk water soft


a fortress balmy

enclosing you

around us the sweeping of plants

a little boy and a broom

sweep sweep sweep

we are alone in the pool

sweep sweep sweep

we are manatees

sweep sweep sweep

we are nothing but water

sweep sweep sweep

we are water.

we clamor


weight upon weight

lifting up

being pushed down

little boy on top of our head

into the lungs

we are water

We are water

Hands in the air

breath breath breathe.

Live sound score by Gaerra (Malmö), & Family Underground (Copenhagen) and the audience. Amager Whistle features Malmö-based cartoonist Kolbeinn Karlsson and was filmed by visual the Mikael Lindahl, Malmö. Pre-recorded music by MAG (Gothenburg), Manuel Cascone (Italy), the musicians Roy Boswell, Sanna Lehto, Julian Parker, Emilia Pennanen, and Jone Takamäki (Finland).

The performance is a part of the exhibition THE SUPERSURREALISM. The performance is presented at Tthe Loading Dock 20 January at 6, 7 and 8 pm.

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