artworks in exhibition room

Installation view, 2024 Photo: Helene Toresdotter

Curator’s tour: Unhealed

Guided tour in Arabic

27.4 2024


Welcome to take part in the exhibition “Unhealed” through a curatorial guided tour with Abir Boukhari, who curated this exhibition together with Joa Ljungberg, curator Moderna Museet Malmö.

The international group exhibition “Unhealed” delves into the aftermath of the uprisings and revolutions, that swept through the Arab world starting in 2010. These events altered the lives of millions of people, many of whom as a consequence now live in Sweden. With this exhibition, Moderna Museet Malmö proudly presents seventeen artist who, in poignant and thought-provoking ways, have addressed this still unfolding chapter in history.

About Abir Boukhari

Abir Boukhari is a curator from Damascus, Syria, based in Stockholm since 2015. She is the director, curator and co-founder of AllArtNow. AllArtNow is considered to be the first independent collective space for contemporary art in Syria. Founded in Damascus in 2005, AllArtNow has since the war broke out in 2012 turned into a nomadic space, working from different places. Since 2019, AllArtNow opened a project space in Stockholm (AllArtNowLab).