All the King´s Horses: Legacies of the Situationist International

 Two evenings of lectures and discussions

1.12 2010 – 2.12 2010


Alla kungens hästar (All the King’s Horses) is a series of events, seminars and exhibitions that will investigate the legacies and the actuality of the Situationist movement, the most influential and, some would claim, the last of the European postwar avantgardes.

Jacqueline de Jong
Claire Fontaine
Roberto Ohrt
Mikkel Bolt

For more information please contact curator Camilla Carlberg.

Arranged with support from Allianz Kulturstiftung.

December 1st
The Auditorium, Moderna Museet
4 pm Jacqueline de Jong and Roberto Ohrt in a conversation about de Jong’s days as a core member of the Situationist International and her work as editor of The Situationist Times.
5.30 pm Claire Fontaine: ’77, the Year That Is Not Commemorated. A lecture about the concept of human strike and some of the dynamics of the Italian movement of ’77.
7-8 pm: Drinks outside the Auditorium

December 2nd
The Auditorium, Moderna Museet
4 pm Mikkel Bolt: Scandinavian Situationisms. On the History of the Scandinavian Situationist Sections.
5.30 pm Roberto Ohrt: The History of the Situationists – How To Write About and How To Show: Some Examples.