Photograph of Vaginal Davis looking into the camera with a surpriced face

Vaginal Davis. Photo: Hector Martinez

Vaginal Davis

Magnificent Product

17.5 – 13.10 2024


Opens in 82 days

The exhibition “Magnificent Product”, welcomes you to the wondrous world of American artist, filmmaker, performer and writer Vaginal Davis. In her pioneering and incredibly diverse oeuvre, punk meets glamour, queer activism meets racial justice and resistance meets joy.

An icon of contemporary queer history, Vaginal Davis has made scenes for a living since the early 1980s. Naming herself after radical Black feminist Angela Davis, Vaginal Davis emerged in the queer punk scene of Los Angeles in the 1980s, and moved to Berlin in the early 2000s.

“Magnificent Product” is Vaginal Davis’s first major solo exhibition. Moderna Museet presents three large-scale installations that reflect her artistic range, starting with the artist’s early films and recordings of iconic punk concerts and nightclub events from the 1990s. The second installation, entitled “HAG – small, contemporary, haggard”, is a manifestation of her former apartment gallery in Los Angeles, now showing some of Ms. Davis’s own paintings and sculptures.

Lastly, “The Wicked Pavilion” takes the viewer further into Vaginal Davis’s universe, as she draws out the core elements of her practice through her “fantasy library” and an installation of a “tween bedroom”.