Rashid Johnson, Black and Blue, 2021 Filmstill © Rashid Johnson

Curatorial tour

Seven Rooms and a Garden

30.9 2023


Come along on a guided tour with Hendrik Folkerts, curator of the exhibition “Seven Rooms and a Garden: Rashid Johnson and The Moderna Museet Collection”. Listen to him talk about Rashid Johnson’s work as well as the exhibition where Johnson’s artworks encounter a selection of pieces from Moderna Museet’s collection.

The exhibition “Seven Rooms and a Garden” juxtaposes Rashid Johnson’s own works with his personal selection of pieces from the Moderna Museet Collection. The result is a manifestation of the abstract gesture in art through images, sounds and scenography that seeks to reframe our experience of the works from the museum’s collection and the museum itself.

Welcome to a guided tour with the curator of the exhibition, Hendrik Folkerts, curator of international art after 1989 at Moderna Museet, who will talk about the creation of the exhibition and Rashid Johnson’s art.

Hear cellist and composer Svante Henryson on the same day, in a musical performance in the exhibition. Read more: Black and Blue