Finding Ali by Pål Hollender

Film screening

16.2 2011 – 13.3 2011


Filmmaker Pål Hollender travels throughout Afghanistan in search of Ali Sajjad, a bright kid he met in Kabul nearly 10 years ago. Will Ali still be as open-hearted and hopeful as he was when he was nine years old? Is he still alive?

With breathtaking material Finding Ali unveils the occupation of Afghanistan, the logical development of mistrust, disappointment and rage from ordinary Afghans against the U.S.A. and the Nato. They were promised peace and development, but were given a brutal War against Terror.

Being welcomed with open arms a decade ago, the filmmaker now experiences an overwhelming feeling of rejection, painfully culminating in a road-side attempt on his life.

Fore more information: Catrin Lundqvist

Finding Ali by Pål Hollender 84 min, HD, 2011