Fatima Moallim, Flyktinglandet. Behärskning av tre känslor [Containment of three emotions], 2018 Performance, Moderna Museet 2018 © Flyktinglandet. Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

A journey through the Swedish art scene

Performance and Seminar Weekend in The Moderna Exhibition 2018

9.11 2018 – 11.11 2018


Are you curious about the making of the Moderna Exhibition 2018? Join us for an action-packed weekend of exciting talks and seminars on the background research for this exhibition, and the on the current state of the art scene in Sweden. The weekend also features performances and artist talks with several of the artists shown in the Moderna Exhibition.


Friday 9 November

At 15–18 ”IN & BEYOND SWEDEN: Journeys Through an Art Scene”

In the Auditorium. Language: Swedish/English. Free admission, no booking required, 300 seats.

Seminar on the research process and the free-standing publication produced by Moderna Museet and Iapis in connection to the Moderna Exhibition 2018. The seminar focuses on the research that Joa Ljungberg and Santiago Mostyn conducted ahead of the exhibition, and the four seminar days that took place in the spring of 2018 in collaboration with Göteborgs Konsthall, Malmö Art Museum, Bildmuseet in Umeå and Iaspis/Konstnärsnämnden in Stockholm. Read more: Research and selection

Moderators: Catrin Lundqvist, curator, Moderna Museet and Lena Malm, project manager, Iaspis.


”The Moderna Exhibition 2018: With the Future behind Us”
Joa Ljungberg and Santiago Mostyn, curators of the Moderna Exhibition 2018

”About what’s Swedish, Change and Taking Note of Trends”
Johan Pousette, director of Iaspis, Stockholm

”The Dehumanising of the Other”
Hanni Kamaly, artist, Malmö

”In the Middle of a Landslide: About Power Shifts, Decentralisation, Collectivism and Feminist Revolution.”
Galleri Syster, Luleå; Anja Örn, artist; Sara Edström, artist; and Therese Engström, writer

”Catastrophes, transformation and space”
Magdalena Malm, director, Statens Konstråd, Stockholm

”Growing up in a Conflict where the Abnormal has been Normalised”
Anders Sunna, artist, Jokkmokk

”Becoming Global, Exploring the Local: On the internationalization of the Swedish Art Scene”
Helena Selder, Artistic Director of the Baltic Art Center (BAC), Visby

”Drag Proposes Images in Which the Future Can Be Lived”
Albin Hillervik, curator and writer, working for Milvus Artistic Research Centre, Skånes konstförening and Wanås Konst. Based in Malmö

In collaboration with Iaspis.

At 18.00–18.20 ”Cancamon” by Cara Tolmie. Performance in the Auditorium

Free admission, no booking required, 300 seats.

”Cancamon” is based on three songs – ‘Groung’ by Zabelle Panosian and ‘There Is a Balm in Gilead’ and ‘Blasé’ by Jeanne Lee and Archie Shepp. Throughout the work Tolmie holds these songs within her, using taut movements and noises to explore the word ‘balm’ and how it might relate to the female singing voice.

At 19–19.50 ”Cyborg Sunday” by Dinis Machado. Performance in the Auditorium

Free admission, no booking required, 100 seats.

Dinis Machado’s ”Cyborg Sunday” starts with four people remembering out loud a story which will still happen. The story, about a day in the life of a group of people who live together in harmony, is told through the performers’ impressions, their filtered recollections and individual sensibilities. As they strive for accuracy their memories trigger physical sensations that fleet form whilst keeping their intention. Slowly their actions get more fragmented, losing not only meaning but physical substance. But this is no chaos, no free for all. Instead everything is ultra considerate and as their social masks fall we are guided into an imaginatively rich world, something as personal as ephemeral. Even when they try each other’s hairs, the more practical and mundane of their actions, this is done not for effect, not for impact, they do it simply because they can. They can be each other without ceasing to be themselves. After all, reality seems to be the fiction they create and share, they are in control.

As the story unfolds, its characters cohabit intimately. They sleep, cook and eat, and film themselves while the movement from the performers becomes more and more tenuous so that even direct references, to a hamburger for instance, lose their literality, perhaps movements are also being ‘unmasked’. The only thing that seems to matter is how the diverse cast remembers and relates to the story, their personal perspective united by an external reference. If the story is the frame of the piece it is the performers who hold everything together through the possible representations that never take place.

”Cyborg sunday” works like a seductive labyrinth where Ariadne’s thread leads one not to the exit but deep inside a dense intangible world. [Pedro Machado]

A work by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)
Performed by Anna Koch (SE), Vicky Malin (UK), Gonçalo Ferreira (PT), Nikolas Kasinos (DE/UK) and Isadora Monteiro (PT).
With the artistic collaboration of Catherine Long (UK) and Odete Ferreira (PT) and with Pedro Machado (UK/BR) as outside eye.

At 18–23 Moderna Bar is open

Welcome to the Bar on floor 4.

Saturday 10 November

At 12.00–13.10  ”Hyphenic” by Tor-Finn Malum Fitje and Thomas Anthony Hill. Lecture performance in the Cinema

Language: English. Free admission, no booking required, 90 seats.

In biosemiotics the exchange of signs is understood as an inherent attribute in all life forms. Hyphenic is the name given to a strain of common indoor mould which appears to form readable signs, captivating proponents and adversaries over a span of several decades. The artists comment on the film during the screening by providing a live voice-over.

At 13.00–13.30 ”Flyktinglandet” by Fatima Moallim. Performance in the exhibition

Free admission, no booking required.

The project ”Flyktinglandet” as a performance is based on the stories told by the artist’s parents’ generation of their flight from Mogadishu in the 1990s. Moallim draws directly on the wall. The act occurs during a ritual silence, like a soundless prayer.

At 13.30–14.30 ”Jag är Solen” (I am the Sun) by Kalle Brolin. Lecture performance in the Auditorium with the participation of Rainbow Gospel

Language: Swedish. Free admission, no booking required, 300 seats.

The lecture performance alternates with four musical pieces linked to the culture that was established by the workers in the coal mines and sugar plantations in southern Sweden in the early part of the industrial era. The workers’ culture was used in different ways as an instrument of control by the industry, becoming just another commodity that the workers had to buy back.

At 15.00–17.00 Artists talk about their practices in the Auditorium

Language: Swedish/English. Free admission, no booking required, 300 seats.

Participants: Muhammad Ali, Dinis Machado, Éva Mag, Cara Tolmie, and Anna-Karin Rasmusson, in the company of the curators Joa Ljungberg and Santiago Mostyn.

Sunday 11 November

At 14.00 and 16.00 Performance ”Site Specific for Nowhere” by Dinis Machado

Performance between the foyer and the exhibition, floor 4. Free admission, no booking required, ca 45 min.

”Site Specific for Nowhere” is a choreography about how to appropriate a new space, making it one’s own. The work is performed by Machado himself, who explores the surrounding space through irregular variations of frequency and intensity.

Read more: Performance Dinis Machado


Cara Tolmie, Cancamon (video still), 2016/2018 Performance and video. 20:00 min. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Gethin Wyn Jones
Fatima Moallim, Flyktinglandet. Behärskning av tre känslor [Containment of three emotions], 2018 Performance, Marabouparken 2018 © Flyktinglandet. Photo: Elin Magnusson
Dinis Machado, Out In Space (Experiences on Autonomy), 2013 A performance series by Dinis Machado. Produced by BARCO. Project developed within the research context of the Choreography MA at DOCH © Dinis Machado
Tor-Finn Malun Fitje, Aleph Null & The Missing Mass, 2017 Video, color/black&white 100 min © Tor-Finn Malun Fitje